Bucket Truck services for Palm Beach County, FL and surrounding areas

Working up to heights of 55 feet in public parking lots requires the greatest care and top-notch equipment. There is no margin for error when personal safety and the property of others are vulnerable. A carelessly dropped item could easily penetrate the windshield and even the roof of a parked car. Contact with power lines not only pose the risk of electrocution but also power outages.

The professionals at Rothell Electric, Inc. are intensely proud of their safety record and their reputation for “getting the job done right” the first time.

Our bucket truck is maintained in top working condition to provide clean dependable on time service. All HID lamps are guaranteed for one year and are dated coded when installed. All HID ballasts are guaranteed for 2 years and are date coded when installed. We will provide a monthly inspection and report of your parking lot lighting upon request.

We provide... 

  • Street Lighting
  • Road Sign Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • General Pole Lighting
  • Tennis Court Lighting
  • Building Sign Lighting
  • Building Security Lighting
  • Shuffleboard Court Lighting

Aerial service is provided at working heights up to fifty-five feet and include a journeyman electrician. There is a one hour minimum.

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