Auger Truck services for Palm Beach County, FL and surrounding areas

Setting light poles in parking lots is one of the most common applications for the auger truck. The process starts with arriving at the jobsite on time. It also involves offloading the poles from a flatbed, digging the hole to the proper depth and diameter, positioning the pole accurately, and holding it in place while the hole is backfilled and the pole is set.

Extreme care must be used in typically tight areas where a single wrong move could cause thousands of dollars in damage and unacceptable delays. As you look at the pictures below, note the overhead power lines and the new landscaping. The professionals at Rothell Electric, Inc. work with these challenges daily. Anything less than perfectly perpendicular placement would create a shoddy appearance that would be totally unacceptable.

Our auger truck is maintained in top working condition to provide a safe working environment. We provide a qualified operator with all the required straps and chokers. We have multiple size auger bits for poles or precast concrete pole bases. We can set concrete, wood, steel or aluminum poles up to 55 feet.

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